A brief explanation of what I want to do:

Currently, we are selling offer of agency within our websites, we put property listings on our pages
within iframe.
This is a offer for place Promajna, and it is put in our content item within
iframe (left wide column).

We still want to sell their offer, but in the same time we want to put our own offer trough our new
booking/listing property system that you made. When we have enough properties of our own,
we shall remove completely their offer.

However, since we cannot mix two booking systems at the same time on our pages, in the first phase,
we plan to sell our own offer (trough our new booking system) only from the right column as
"featured properties". So, our webpages will remain the same, it will have offer as
now, but will additionally have "featured property" of our own in the right column.

Since both listings look the same, the user will not see the diference.
When he clicks on some of the featured properties, he will see our offer, and when he clicks on any other, he will se offer.

So, basically, what I want to do now, is only have a featured property module in the right side for
our new booking system, and ability to manipulate with featured properties, the way that I can put
any number of properties I want, and also diferent featured properties for diferent

For example, In category "Promajna" on this web page:

in the left column will stay offer within iframe as now, while in the right column,
there will be featured properties from our offer (our booking system) from Promajna.

So, now, the only question is how to control new booking system from right module "featured properties"

I belive from your CMS, there should be separate php files for "property listing" and "featured property" code, see additional info down:

The new booking system property listing comes here within iframe. Example code will look like this:

""iframe style="position: relative" height="2250px" width="612px" frameborder="0"
src="" name="adr_frame">""

So when someone comes to this content item (url = ) he will see property 444 (within iframe)

To be able to put property listing in iframe in this content item, you need to remove footer, header, and right column in your CMS, so that only property listing remains,
aproximatelly 612 width and 2250 height.

So, the content of this content item (url = ) needs to be
controled by the "featured properties" module from the right side. Depending on featured property that user
clicks, there will be diferent content within iframe in this item.

How to achieve this ?

We already did it with module "Accommodation search" (in the upper part of right column). If you try search with this module (by date, or place), you will se that always "url =" appears as result.

Thi is because when particular date or place is selected, the module sends POST variables to url, and based on this post variables,
content within iframe changes (you can see the code of module under "view source" in browser"

In this case, in content item (,
there is a php code included, which looks like this:

defined( '_VALID_MOS' ) or die( 'Restricted access' ); //security reasons
if (mosGetParam ( $_POST, 'clid', '' ) != "") { extract($_POST);
} echo ""iframe
&sd='.$sd.'&sm='.$sm.'&ed='.$ed.'&em='.$em.'&pno='.$pno.'&vsm='.$vsm.'&geo='.$geo.'&lang='.$langv.'&lang=en&pdist=1" style="position: relative;" name="adr_frame" frameborder="0"
height="2100" width="612">'; } ""

This file can be found in /public_html/includes/jumi on vakance server.

So, basically, the content of iframe in is controlled by POST variables sent from module from the right column.

The same way, I want to control content of by sending POST

variables from right column module "featured property". If user clicks featured house 444,

POST variable will be sent to, and property 444 will be shown in iframe.

Now, I will publish a separate "featured property" module for each category.

For example: in

there will be "featured property" module published only for Promajna, in this module can be put

separate code only for properties from Promajna.

That means, I would have to be able to set somewhere in CMS featured properties only for Promajna,

and include this featured php code in module for Promajna. Later if I add another property in

Promajna (trough backend in CMS), it will appear in module. So basically, I need solution in

CMS and module so that I control this featured properties.

I am not sure if it is clear what I want :) please contact me for any questions. I think this all

sounds much more complicated then it really is.
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