Biograd, city and port in northern Dalmatia, is located 28 km south of Zadar. According to the census from 2001. Year it has 5259 inhabitants. It is located on a small peninsula and on the mainland. On the northern side of the bay Bosana a southern Soline. In front of the city to the islands Planac and St. Catherine (with the lighthouse). The average air temperature in January is 7 ° C in July 24.5 ° C, with average annual rain of 840 mm. In the bay Soline there is a large public, sandy beach surrounded by pine trees. Biograd is a local trade and transport central, with good connections to its hinterland, surrounding coastal villages and towns and the island of Pasman.

Economy is based on agriculture, fishing and tourism. Biograd is a port for the island of Pasman. It is located on the main road Zadar - Split (M2, E65). Biograd is central Riviera, which includes St. Petar na Moru, Turanj, Sv. Filip i Jakov, Biograd, Pakostane and Drage, as well as several villages on the island of Pasman: Tkon, Kraj, Pasman, Barotul, Mrljane, Nevidane, Dobropoljana, Banj and Zdrelac, and Vrgada on the island of Vrgada.

Thanks to its location in the most indented part of the Croatian Adriatic coast, this area offers excellent opportunities for nautical tourism and sailing. Nearby there are three national parks: Paklenica, Kornati Archipelago and Krka, as well as nature parks Telaščica and Vransko lake.

Except for its cultural and historical heritage, Biograd is also known for its beautiful beaches, picturesque bays and various accommodation facilities. In the city there are many restaurants offering specialties of local and international cuisine.

Tourist development of Biograd began between the two world wars. The first guests, the Czechs, they started to come in Biograd during the 1920-ies. The first hotel was built in 1935. in place of today's hotel Illyria. Numerous cultural and entertainment programs and sports events are organized during the summer months: folk festivals in the open, the water-polo swimming pool at the Hotel Illyria, the cinema, and sports tournaments and competitions are held.

The picturesque Pasman Channel with a series of small islands protects Biograd and its Riviera from strong winds from the sea, which is an advantage for swimmers and boaters. There is an offer of trips by boat in the Kornati archipelago, as well as trips to a nearby nature park Telaščica. Nearby (7 kilometers) is Telaščica, the largest lake in Croatia, is rich in freshwater fish. Fishing trips are also organized.

Biograd has one of the largest and best equipped tennis camps in this part of the Adriatic Sea, consists of 14 tennis courts with the earthen surface and 6 courts with hard surface. It is situated in a pine forest, along the beach. Biograd provides excellent opportunities for sailing and diving, and also offers courses in sailing and diving.
Biograd port is often visited by boaters whose destination Kornati archipelago. Regatta, sailing and other nautical activities are organized throughout the year. Biograd marinas have 1000 berths and 200 places on the continent and are open throughout the year.

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