In addition to sending an email containing all the information about the owner of the accommodation unit and its address, the agency also sends a voucher of similar contents to the guest's address. The agency sends two types of vouchers depending on the whether the guest has paid the full amount of the reservation or has decided to make the payment in two parts:
      • voucher for the agency (payment in two parts)
      • voucher for the owner (the whole payment done at once)

In addition to all the information regarding the owner and the address of the rented accommodation unit, the voucher for the agency also contains the remaining amount that the guest is required to pay in the agency on the day of their arrival.

Upon paying the rest of the amount, the guest will be given another voucher, voucher for the owner containing a correct number of people the reservation was paid for and the service the guest should receive. The guest will give this voucher to theri host when they arrive to the rented accommodation unit. In return, the host will give the guest the keys of the rented accommodation unit.

In case of paying the full amount of the reservation, the agency will immediately send the guest the voucher for the owner. Thus, there is no need for visiting our agency or our agency partner, but the guest can go directly to rented accommodation unit.
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